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May 30, 2010

Encounter with Orkut!

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Hello Reader,

It was way long back that I started with Orkut, it was a time when I did not know about Social Networking. I had never heard of that term, even after using Orkut for some time.

We’ll so it started with all the foolish stuff one does, stupid competitions of having more friends, most number of scraps, checking out the new features which were coming up all the time. I had forgotten to use internet for other purpose except logging in and gawking at my profile or some others profile of a far friend which I was never interested in knowing. There was also this competition of having more photos and god knows what. I used to get a good bang out of it all too!

Another thing which I started doing was joining the communities right left and center, I was joining all useless communities like my school, my college and even stuff like I love my Pet.. Hell I would not have had a pet if I did not like one!! I could have really used it to join some good communities and learn new stuff, not how to use a site created by some one else!

Orkut went on for quite a lot of time and even friends used to discuss about it! Thank god some of my friends were not active, otherwise I would have wasted some more time on that stupid stuff! Incidentally I also started loosing interest and eventually as of last month stats, I had a scrap 3 months ago!!

Don’t let this misled you that I was not into social networking all this time, I was into many other kinds of social networking which I will tell you more about!

Thank you for reading!




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