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May 31, 2010

Encounter With Twitter!

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Dear Reader,

Twitter came into existence in my world. At the beginning of its existence I had wondered about what it was, I only used to wonder superficially about it cause I heard a lot about it on news, papers and many other places. My overview of what was happening around the world was  gradually increasing. This overview was possible because of my addiction to the Internet, although in a very immature manner! Still, I was coming to know some great things, which I never knew could change me so much.

Back then, a lot of things were happening, sad incidents like 9/11 attacks on US, she attacked Afghanistan and so much news about Osama Bin Laden. I was getting interested little by little, I thought then that Mr. Bush was a pig but also liked the strong stance taken by US! You will feel how all this is related! Ill tell you, but let me speak my mind, hell,  this is my blog! 🙂 So, now was a time I was really getting interested in News in general and specifics on technological front. At least this is the only thing which I din’t loose interest in.

I had other encounters during these times which could only be described as touch and go, my whole problem till now has been that I somehow din’t stick to one thing. I am like a bloody weak bladder, can’t hold onto my own shit! Other encounters will be detailed later on, I promise! Even if you don’t like to read my shit!

Then we saw something which changed India, it was 26/11 back in 2008, I guess this was when I got hooked on to Twitter, but without participation. It was only a passive observation of the phenomenon called Twitter. This is how it happened: I was reading newspaper on the second day of the seige and naturally I was engrossed and licking off the news paper, I read about this small article which was written about Twitter and online journalism. Then once just when I was on the net, I started to read the tweets of other people and damn, they had news which even the crazy assholes all over the news channels did not have!  I remeber reading the tweets for full 3 hours without even going to another page! I kept searching and reading a lot of tweets, they were updated to the minute, hell, I was blown over! The thing I liked the most was that it was factual or factual based on people’s perspective, not some shooting the crap type News Channels!

I was working for Satyam Computers Services Ltd. then and if you are from India you would have heard all about it. I was fucked, royally too. My daily dose of news consisted only on how my company got raped and what was being done to not let it commit suicide! I felt awful those days, every day was a potential firing day or collapse of the fucking organisation. To tell you about the precarious situation, I dint have 3 years of experience in my profession, the market was screwed and so no hiring for 2 years odd experienced, forget the poor freshers! The only thought that made me float was that I had just started my career and whether or not I get another job, I would do some crap but what about guys who had like two children, a home loan to pay and what not to take care of. At least I dint have any real  responsibility on me!

Another phase of my life, I got into a comapny in Mumbai, tried desperately and took the offer though it was not very good. Mumbai has always had a special place in my heart other cities are Jalandhar, Delhi, Ahmadabad and Jaipur. Still I felt wonderful coming to Mumbai, initially the experience was mad but soon the rythm of the local trains and the busy life became a rythm of my life and I started enjoying! While coming to Mumbai I had decided that I would use Twitter as my travel blog like an itenary to my life post Satyam fiasco. I have been into twitter a lot too but these days there is like nothin much to write, I guess that the city of Chennai is like that.. I had so much to share when I was in Mumbai!!!! I miss that place! Logistics have basically screwed my life, only if Mumbai was as near as Chennai is to Hyderabad!  We’ll another revelation, My family is based in Hyderabad! So, the encounter started of with Mumbai and hasn’t ended yet. Lets hope it does not end cause I really enjoy it!

Thanks for reading,



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