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August 14, 2010

My travel log – Chennai to Tirupathi

I recently brought my bike from Hyderabad, this gave me freedom to think of instantaneous journeys and go on long drives according to my mood.. On 12th August an opportunity presented itself in the form of my langotia yaars!! I recieved a phone call on my week-off that they are coming to Tirupathi and were 2 hours from Tirupathi.. We’ll, firstly my week-offs are not the usual weekends, they come bang in the middle of a week(mostly), another fact that helped me make this trip was a night shift the next day, so I had the whole day with me… This got me thinking and within 1 hour flat I was on my way to Tirupathi..

The problem was I dint know of a good way to go, searched the net some and read a blog by some Dude which took the following route:

  • Porur Road
  • Ponammallee
  • Thiruvallur
  • Thirutthani
  • Tirupathi

Since I had no idea and looking at Google Maps was not sufficient, I took the one above.. I didn’t account for some facts like, this route was mostly in Tamil Nadu and I cant understand Tamil more than a few common words and second, it was not a proper Highway..

I started at 16:30 Hrs, the exact route came something like this:

  1. Madhya Kailash – Porur Road (Sardar Patel Road)
  2. Porur Road – NH4
  3. From NH4 Right turned onto SH50 (State Highway) towards Thiruvallur
  4. From Thiruvallur towards Thirutanni (via NH205, though its completely unlike a National Highway)
  5. Thirutanni to Tirupathi

Covered a total of 145.5 Kms, the road was good, but the road is difficult to drive in low light (Could not use Helmet Visor) in a bike owing to absence of reflective road studs in the middle as there were no road dividers and apart from all the bugs and mosquitoes it was just fine :P. I reached Tirupathi at 20:00 Hrs stopping many times to confirm the way as there were not many sign boards and since I could not understand most guys…..

Settled in the Hotel and had a good time chatting 😛 to my friends…. Woke up late the next morning and I was planning to start at around 14:00 Hrs from Tirupathi one of my friend knew of waterfalls near Tirupathi, he thought it was 30Km but turned out to be more than 60Km.. anyways we reached there and what a place it was! Dense Forrest and small roads, meant we were feeling awesome!!!

We saw a dry path of flow, and we started trekking on that path, it led us into a place where there was a small waterfall, I will upload the pic later cause I dint take it from my phone.. but it was just awesome, there was a board which also said that one tree around that place was around 300 years old!

We then returned back in a hurry and did not see the main waterfall as I had to be in office at 22:00 Hrs and the time was already 16:45 Hrs… So we started back and around 18:30, I started from Tirupathi back to Chennai and my friends went north!

While coming I took another route, this was through Sri Kalahasthi another famous temple town.

While coming back I took another route because I did some inquiry here and there.. This route would make me get on the Golden Quadrilateral(NH5), given that it started getting dark even before I started, so it was no doubt a much better road to take.

1. Tirupathi – Srikalahasthi

2. Srikalahasthi – Tada

3. Tada – Chennai

The roads were just awesome, though it was a 2 lane road till Tada, the roads were just awesome, even in complete darkness I could see the road because of the reflective road studs, starting from Tirupati I did not stop till Tada which is some 90 Km far, even though my ass became numb (remember my 22:00 Hrs shift?) ! From there It was another 70 Km, but it went in a breeze as it was NH 5 and 4 lane throughout :). I reached the outer skirts of Chennai around 21:00 Hrs and again not knowing the route from this side of Chennai I used my Phone’s GPS to the full extent.. got stuck in Mount road for half an hour though…. reached home at 22:00 Hrs and by 22:30 was in office all filthy and my face had a fine layer of black dust on it 🙂

Now, since this was a tight trip, I could not do much but now I am looking out for good places around Chennai (max – 500 Kms, it should be worth to max it!) Anyone got some personal favorites?, please let me know by leaving comments.. I want to do more awesome journeys……



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  1. Thanks for the information.It is very helpful to pilgrims to stay in tirupati.

    Comment by Hotels Tirupati — December 12, 2011 @ 6:35 am | Reply

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