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August 10, 2010

Motorola Droid 2 Launches Tomorrow!!!

Verizon yesterday has confirmed that the Droid 2  is more than just a figment  of everyone’s imagination and its pre-sale starts tomorrow(US is plain lucky in this matter), as images and other stuff leaked a long back here. Shortly after releasing the Froyo update for the original Droid, we get the Droid 2, Android 2.2 pre-installed, Flash Player 10.1 and a revised QWERTY keyboard. It also ships with Swype pre-installed.

Here are the specs:

– 3.7-inch multitouch display

– 1Ghz processor

– 5 megapixel camera

– DLNA streaming

– 8GB of onboard memory and a 8GB microSD card

Now, as far as I think this is a version 2 of the original Droid, so, there might be improvements but if one were to expect a whole new ball game, it would be sick :O, and lets see if it can come upto Nexus One, Desire Category….

I’m loving every bit about Android phones all the way… its just great!!!!!

Now, where is my ?


Android 3.0 Gingerbread

Android 2.2, better known as FroYo, which still remains elusive to many devices, already has a successor! There is a strong rumor of Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread being prepared for a Q4 release later this year.

This time around one of the major focus will be on the User Interface, which will make all other custom UI’s obsolete, this could also mean that the custom UI will become just an add-on to the Android thus making the update to new OS as soon as it gets released, boy it feels good even writing this one :). It will require some pretty beefed up hardware requirements (or recommendations) though, including a 1GHz processor at the very least (qualifying devices such as the EVO 4G, all Galaxy S Variants as well as the Desire among others), 512MB RAM, a 3.5″ display or higher with support for 1,280 × 760 resolution.

What is clear though would be the branching off where hardware is concerned, since lower end handsets will max out at Android 2.2 at best, while newer high end Android phones should ship with Gingerbread.  Wow, im all in for a Desire now, someone just launch it in India. 😛

HTC Desire HD coming in October?

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Another good news for all the Android lovers, this seems to be the latest from HTC…

A new phone running stock Android 2.2 might be the step up from Desire( EVO look alike) , it is expected to run Android 2.2 and feature a 4.3-inch touch screen, a 1GHz processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. Other details include 4GB internal memory, HD video playback, XviD video support, SRS surround sound, and a uni-body aluminum case.

The Device also codenamed ‘ACE’ might hit the US market in October…

Heard anything else?

Please share…

August 9, 2010

HTC Desire – Launch in India moved to August!

The latest news on HTC Desire ( An Android based phone, one of the best in market!) launch date has been moved to the second week of August. It seems the delay is due to some “Sales and Marketing issue”!

Here is the communication with HTC:

Dear Samant,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Center. We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and answering all of your questions and concerns. To clarify your issue, you stated that: You want to know about the launch date of HTC Desire. Regarding this we appreciate that you are interested in HTC Desire. We would like to intimate you that HTC Desire is getting delayed due to some Sales and Marketing issue. HTC May launch the HTC Desire by the second week of August. As we know that our goal is to provide you the latest technology. Our team is doing their level best to hit the target. You will find that handset on the website when it will launch. Please visit to the HTC website for further updates. We Appreciate your Patience. Regarding the price information you need to contact nearest retailer after the launch of HTC Desire. We have noted down your details, Ones the Desire will be launched, we will inform you regarding the same. Note: You can serve your phone from the country you have purchased from because the HTC devices are the country specific and India does not cover under Global Warranty. You can also call our Call Center at: 1800 11 33 77 if you have further questions. Thank you once again for your continued patronage.

To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number XXX.




I hope this is true, but according to my other finding from a reliable source 😛  “Jaina Marketing”, it will be available in second week of September..

I too am waiting for this phone and would believe HTC more than their marketing agency, also HTC’s date is much nearer 🙂

UPDATE: HTC Desire might be launched between Aug 16-22 with SLCD screen and this was supposed to be the reason for delay (Shortage of AMOLED screen)

Heard anything else? Please share!


June 17, 2010

iOS 4 Vs Android 2.2 – My Perspective

Now, lets get on with the comparison of the two great Operating Systems(Android 2.2 a.k.a ‘Froyo’ and iOS4) for the smart phones (Technically its Android alone which can be on many smart phones). These comparisons are based on what I have read on the official sites and it goes by some rumors for comparison sake only.

The Android Ammo:

1. Speed gains of up to 2~5 times over Android 2.1

2. Exchange Calendar supported.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspots possible.

4. Support for over 256MB of RAM.

5. Apps on External storage.

6. Customizable UI.

7. Flash Support

iOS 4 Ammo:

1. Multi-Tasking

2. Folders for Applications

3. Improved E-mail

4. iBooks

5. Video Focusing

6. Custom Backgrounds

The above list is the ones I think are the most relevant for me. Please note ‘I am not comparing hardwares here’.

Multi-Tasking has been available from day one on Android, Apple had shied away for too long from it and with iOS Multitasking is available. The important factor to be taken into consideration is that if what Steve Jobs claims that ‘multi-tasking done right’ is true , iOS should be much faster on a similar hardware when we compare it with Android and also it should not hang the phone, drain the battery, hang applications (or outright close them) and should not slow down the phone too much! phew, lot of requirements eh! Android 2.1 was bad on performance front.

Android is 2~5x faster than than 2.1, now there is a leap in performance and many people have claimed that Android 2.2 which only updates on Nexus One now feels fast. Also, a better engine is used for running the javascript in the web pages, which might render the pages even faster. This I think is a good thing.

Speed comparison

Comparision with previous Android Versions

Apple does not support flash, that sucks to the core. The reason given is that flash slows iPhone and for that matter all the mac products too. This I cannot be sure, its what our Dearest Stevie has said.

Android 2.2 has included support for syncing Calendars, this I think is a plus for Android cause I wouldn’t want to feed all my calendar entries manually which I had done previously. iPhone has this feature from a very long time now.

iOS 4 comes with Folders for managing your applications, I wonder why there is no mention of this in Android, I have to agree that it will make your life simpler in terms of managing apps. When I tried finding an app in my friend’s phone I was lost, this guy had four pages full of apps.! These days its all about good applications!

iOS4 also comes with iBooks. There is not a single good enough PDF reader in Android, there is a Adobe reader but its not good. Through iBooks you can read pdfs too… so you are not restricted to content only from Apple. Another thing about iOS is that it can read EPUB format for eBooks, which is an open source format. This means u can even download free books from google and read it on your iPhone. Again downloading from net and using iBook to read should be possible, which I am guessing it should be. I have to shell out 10$ to read PDF’s on my S60 device.. crap!

Froyo has the capability to turn your Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot, off course it depends on the phone but iPhone 3G hardware has what is needed! So, having it on Froyo does gives it that edge, imagine I’m at some place where there is internet needed, I can be a service provider 🙂 In India for this feature to be usable first 3G has to come! 😛

Now, here is a big guess, iOS supports more than 256MB RAM, it is a guess cause Apple has not disclosed the RAM in iPad which has an A4 processor. I have to agree that it is a rumor that iPad has at least 512Mb of RAM. With Froyo it now can support more RAM. Its a draw here!

Also, the thing which has been there in Apple from day one, you can store and install your apps in your SD card, this was needed and I am glad it has but applications have to be written that way, what was Google thinking, installing it on GDrive??

Among other things, Android home screen can be modified and Apple has tap on focus Video. Giving a greater control on what you like, Apple has just put customizable backgrounds as an option in iOS, is that a joke! 🙂 This is a feature Apple should give, now is it so complex to make a customized UI?? Stevie, are you listening?

A huge advantage with Android in general is that you just dont have one phone! You have so many even now that the choice is your and its good, where as Apple has like 2 Choice which are more or less same! Here Android wins hands down.

From what I have heard on different sites reagrding the complaints, the guys in US are not happy about iPhone on AT&T alone, they hate iPhone for being only on one network, we’ll even I hate them for this. If iPhone would have been on different networks the ball game would have been different.

As for all the comparisons we see that Froyo definitely has more features than iOS, but when it comes down to usability we really have to wait out on that one. The thing which can be expected is that given the previous iPhones, there is no comparison in the quality, the iPhone works like a dream even compared to Android 2.2 on Nexus one, you have to give Apple that.

June 13, 2010

War of the OSes!

What is making smart phones smart? Is it is just the hardware or is there any other thing which counts? As we all know in the smart phone arena, there is a war going on between two OSes and they are Android and iOS (previously iphone OS), Google dared to enter with Android in a market so monopolized by Apple that anyone who wanted a good smart phone would invariably come up at least once with iPhone although there were others like windows and rim, it doesn’t mean that they always purchased one. This has been significantly true from the time Apple released its iPhone. I am not going to compare it with a RIM and Windows mobiles for many reasons, one of the major ones being Corporate Orientated

Then along came Android a green Robot with promise of everything free! It is an open source Linux based OS. What was so significant in it? Was it a revolutionary OS that could beat any other Smart phone OS?I think it was just the blessing it received by being their baby and some co-ordinate effort by Google! It’s like the war between Windows and Linux (not comparing Osx for many reasons). The only difference is that Google is spending a lot of efforts into it! Everyone around is talking in terms of iPhone killer, actually it means better than iPhone. This particular thinking has emerged due to a lack of another proper phone which could exceed iPhone’s features. There are now so many Android phones in the market that every other phone released with Android is touted as a iPhone Killer!! J

Thinking practically I think that it is not possible to beat an iPhone in today’s market! The reasons are many, but a very significant reason is everyone in apple is working on the same hardware, they are working on a single Operating System, and there is no variation there! When it comes to Android everyone is building a layer on top of it, anyone can do anything, do you understand what it means, and it means confusion! Android is open source, that is a excellent thing but what happens is un directed development which is difficult to control. We’ll you can say that it will be an Organic growth, but it being a software code, I personally think that it should not have anything to do with Organic. Apple takes over at this point, there are features in an Android that iPhone 4 still do not have, and that looks excellent on the paper only. When a user is trying to use that feature there is many a chance that it will not work as intended, because it was tested on some other platform. HTC, Motorola and LG devices cannot be updated to the newest OS as and when released because there are so many modifications limited to their Product. Whereas with Apple, it works and works properly, they are committed to one platform and whatever they come up with they try to make it perfect so that the user does not get irritated.. Being a developer one can be contented with unstable applications as he sees opportunity in that to improve, whereas, a user who is purely using it might not like it so much.

This war between the two sides will go on for a long time to come as both sides have heavy ammunitions in their arsenal and it will be fun to be in the middle of this war.. I for one feel that if Android can be directed into unified and directed development, it has the potential to overcome the monopoly which Apple enjoyed in that segment and it has a potential to be on a multi-application level where in it can be used for any type of mobile device, but that remains largely to be seen in the coming days. Have fun!

June 2, 2010

I hope you get to read this!

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Remember we met in the most unexpected place, our colony, where I hardly had friends. We got introduced  through another friend and somehow we were a lot alike. Both of us had a passion for Porsche Cars, and both used to watch videos of Porsche, we downloaded ads from Porsche website. I still remember it was called ‘Curves’, we used be so awed after seeing that video!

Dude, I also remember that we used to have these long useless discussions about the different new gadgets on the market! Oh I loved your company so much! I hope like mad that souls do remain and somehow you get to read this. Whatever happens, I know I cannot forget you and the time we spent for the rest of my life. I just want to say that I will miss all those stupid things and more than that I will Miss you for my whole life! Rest in Peace!



May 31, 2010

Encounter With Twitter!

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Dear Reader,

Twitter came into existence in my world. At the beginning of its existence I had wondered about what it was, I only used to wonder superficially about it cause I heard a lot about it on news, papers and many other places. My overview of what was happening around the world was  gradually increasing. This overview was possible because of my addiction to the Internet, although in a very immature manner! Still, I was coming to know some great things, which I never knew could change me so much.

Back then, a lot of things were happening, sad incidents like 9/11 attacks on US, she attacked Afghanistan and so much news about Osama Bin Laden. I was getting interested little by little, I thought then that Mr. Bush was a pig but also liked the strong stance taken by US! You will feel how all this is related! Ill tell you, but let me speak my mind, hell,  this is my blog! 🙂 So, now was a time I was really getting interested in News in general and specifics on technological front. At least this is the only thing which I din’t loose interest in.

I had other encounters during these times which could only be described as touch and go, my whole problem till now has been that I somehow din’t stick to one thing. I am like a bloody weak bladder, can’t hold onto my own shit! Other encounters will be detailed later on, I promise! Even if you don’t like to read my shit!

Then we saw something which changed India, it was 26/11 back in 2008, I guess this was when I got hooked on to Twitter, but without participation. It was only a passive observation of the phenomenon called Twitter. This is how it happened: I was reading newspaper on the second day of the seige and naturally I was engrossed and licking off the news paper, I read about this small article which was written about Twitter and online journalism. Then once just when I was on the net, I started to read the tweets of other people and damn, they had news which even the crazy assholes all over the news channels did not have!  I remeber reading the tweets for full 3 hours without even going to another page! I kept searching and reading a lot of tweets, they were updated to the minute, hell, I was blown over! The thing I liked the most was that it was factual or factual based on people’s perspective, not some shooting the crap type News Channels!

I was working for Satyam Computers Services Ltd. then and if you are from India you would have heard all about it. I was fucked, royally too. My daily dose of news consisted only on how my company got raped and what was being done to not let it commit suicide! I felt awful those days, every day was a potential firing day or collapse of the fucking organisation. To tell you about the precarious situation, I dint have 3 years of experience in my profession, the market was screwed and so no hiring for 2 years odd experienced, forget the poor freshers! The only thought that made me float was that I had just started my career and whether or not I get another job, I would do some crap but what about guys who had like two children, a home loan to pay and what not to take care of. At least I dint have any real  responsibility on me!

Another phase of my life, I got into a comapny in Mumbai, tried desperately and took the offer though it was not very good. Mumbai has always had a special place in my heart other cities are Jalandhar, Delhi, Ahmadabad and Jaipur. Still I felt wonderful coming to Mumbai, initially the experience was mad but soon the rythm of the local trains and the busy life became a rythm of my life and I started enjoying! While coming to Mumbai I had decided that I would use Twitter as my travel blog like an itenary to my life post Satyam fiasco. I have been into twitter a lot too but these days there is like nothin much to write, I guess that the city of Chennai is like that.. I had so much to share when I was in Mumbai!!!! I miss that place! Logistics have basically screwed my life, only if Mumbai was as near as Chennai is to Hyderabad!  We’ll another revelation, My family is based in Hyderabad! So, the encounter started of with Mumbai and hasn’t ended yet. Lets hope it does not end cause I really enjoy it!

Thanks for reading,


May 30, 2010

Encounter with Orkut!

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Hello Reader,

It was way long back that I started with Orkut, it was a time when I did not know about Social Networking. I had never heard of that term, even after using Orkut for some time.

We’ll so it started with all the foolish stuff one does, stupid competitions of having more friends, most number of scraps, checking out the new features which were coming up all the time. I had forgotten to use internet for other purpose except logging in and gawking at my profile or some others profile of a far friend which I was never interested in knowing. There was also this competition of having more photos and god knows what. I used to get a good bang out of it all too!

Another thing which I started doing was joining the communities right left and center, I was joining all useless communities like my school, my college and even stuff like I love my Pet.. Hell I would not have had a pet if I did not like one!! I could have really used it to join some good communities and learn new stuff, not how to use a site created by some one else!

Orkut went on for quite a lot of time and even friends used to discuss about it! Thank god some of my friends were not active, otherwise I would have wasted some more time on that stupid stuff! Incidentally I also started loosing interest and eventually as of last month stats, I had a scrap 3 months ago!!

Don’t let this misled you that I was not into social networking all this time, I was into many other kinds of social networking which I will tell you more about!

Thank you for reading!



Hello world!

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Hello World,

I have been musing around much these days, about things in general. The only thing which keeps coming back to me is that I get bored a lot these days, I do not know what to do and where to go!

Why all this is happening, I still cannot understand. We’ll Ill be more specific on the different ways I have tried to solve this problem but failed and hope people will understand and suggest me well.

Thank you so much for reading!



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